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My Review Of 'Win Lotto Systems' by Prof William Foster

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Do you know the biggest problem there is with winning the lottery?

It's number coverage.

How many times have you looked at your ticket and thought "damn, I've got most of the numbers, but they are all split over different lines". So you end up winning nothing as a result!

That's why the Win Lotto Systems approach is so much better. It's all about maximising coverage of your numbers, so that you get more winning numbers on the same line. No, that doesn't mean you're going to be winning jackpots every week. That's not what this system is about.

What it means is winning more smaller prizes more often.

And that's important for 2 reasons:-

  1. It keeps things a lot more interesting!
  2. Winning more often means you can afford to buy more tickets

Because that 2nd point is exactly what makes you more likely to win the jackpot.

If you could play all the possible combinations you would instantly win the jackpot, right? But obviously you can't because it would cost far too much money. So you need a way to play as many combinations as you can without it breaking the budget.

Which funnily enough is just what this is designed for.

So What Do You Get With Win Lotto Systems?

The package consists of a book/manual and some software. Don't be tempted to just jump to the software, because reading the book is really important in this case. You need to understand the whole approach. If you skip through it you will miss something important and won't get the best out of this package.

I've even heard of a someone complaining this system doesn't work, but it turned out they hadn't even bothered reading the manual so really didn't understand what they were doing.

TIP: Read the book completely at least twice. It isn't long at around 50 pages, so there is no excuse!

The Book

The book is split into 4 main sections. Thankfully, none of which are too complicated for the average lottery player to understand.

the Win Lotto Systems ebook

Part 1 - 'Preparing To Win'

This is probably THE most important bit. Don't be fooled into thinking it's just the introduction and you can skim over it. Read this section closely, and then read it again. It ends with the Golden Rules and the best system, which are the keys to why you are doing everything you do later on.

You don't need to understand every word of this section, but if you skip over bits you will only end up questioning things later. And what typically happens then is that people think they know better having picked up bad advice elsewhere - then don't apply things correctly and wonder why it doesn't work. So set aside a little time to let Prof Foster explain his approach to you.

Part 2 - 'WinLottoSystems'

Here we get stuck in to the actual systems you are going to use to play. You have a few decisions to make, based on your playing budget. But don't worry here, you can apply this with as little as 6-8 combinations (depending on game type).

Your first decision is whether to use a 'Thrift', 'Econo' or 'Power' System. All 3 categories are included of course (in the software, details on that later) so you can of course change later on, or move up to a more powerful system as your budget improves.

Then we move into step-by-step how to apply WinLottoSystems to your lottery game.

Part 3 - 'System Table'

This basically breaks down all the different systems available in the software. I didn't find the table particularly useful, but it's there for reference in case you do.

This part does however also go in to more detail on how you can combine systems to achieve the style of play you want. This section is good, and is easily missed if you were busy jumping over the 'Table' bit like I was first time through. It's a bit more advanced though, so don't worry too much if you don't understand everything in it - you will after using the software for a while, and can always come back to it later.

Part 4 - 'Ready To Go'

This is really just a quick summary. The meat and value is in the first 3 sections.

What About The Software?

Next up we have the Win Lotto Systems software itself. It's fairly simple looking, and it is in fact very easy to use. The power of it lies under the hood of course.

Now you could buy this package and just jump straight to the software. Plug some numbers in, pick a system and away you go. But if you do that you will miss out on the strategy of what you are trying to do here. In short, you need to read the book before you use it.

Now I did say the software program was easy, and it is. But if you forget anything or get stuck, there is also a built in help file which reminds you exactly how to use it Step-by-Step.

WinLottoSystems software manual

Using The Software - A Quick Run Through

When you first run the software you will be asked to enter the type of game you are playing. These can be adjusted at any time from the File/Options menu.

software defaults

Then you need to set your System Type, required Prize Guarantee and how many Numbers you want to cover.

software settings

System Type seems to default to the right setting anyway. It just relates to how many main balls are picked in your game, from 5 for a game like Powerball or EuroMillions to 6 for most games, up to 7 for games like Lotto Max from Canada.

Then you set your prize guarantee. Thrift, Econo and Power related to guaranteeing a Match 3, Match 4 or Match 5 prize within the combinations generated. Each requires progressively more entries to meet the guarantee - the book will help you decide your best choice here.

Finally you set how many numbers you are going to cover. Again, the more you cover, the more entries/combinations will be required. But more numbers also greatly increases your chances of a win of course.

For the slightly more advanced player Part 3 of the book covers some clever ways to maximise number coverage while minimising cost. This is done by using multiple runs through the software to combine more than one system together. This will have you crossing a LOT more numbers off on your tickets :-)

Then you need to enter your numbers (again, see the book for advice on how many to use, and how to select them). Here you can see I've chosen to use 9 numbers:-

entering your numbers

You can't enter too few, too many or duplicates so it's pretty much impossible to get this wrong.

Then the last step is to click the 'Generate System' button, and out pop your combinations to play. It only takes a few seconds to generate them.

Printing them out is a breeze if you want to just take the combinations to your local store to play. Or if you're playing online, you can just copy them straight from the Win Lotto Systems screen - the output window scrolls so you won't get lost if playing a large set of combinations.

What Else Does It Do?

There are also options for checking your results. You can input the actual draw numbers, and Win Lotto Systems will instantly tell you how many of each match type you got:-

checking your results

Here you can see we got 1 x Match 4 prize, plus 16 x Match 3 prizes - not a bad day at the office ;-)

There are also options to save/load each of your system plays - useful for adjusting your numbers, and of course for checking your results.

What Games Does It Work For?

The software is designed for pretty much all games that have 5, 6 or 7 main numbers drawn. That's pretty much all the games with decent sized jackpots.

It's NOT for playing Pick 3, Pick 4 or Keno games.

How Much Is It?

For the book and software package it costs $47. This is a one-off payment that also gives lifetime access to the software, so it's pretty good value overall.

In Conclusion

The book side of the Win Lotto Systems package is packed with good solid information. It's actually also essential reading before you use the software - not to understand it, but to get the best results with it.

And the software is just really nice and easy to use. It's clear and clean interface make it easy to understand. It's also lightening fast at everything it does, and I've NEVER seen (or heard) it cause any problems, crash or throw any error messages!

It adapts well to most players budgets. You can play with as little as around 7 combinations, or many hundreds. If you're playing thousands of combinations per week then you'd be starting to push the limits of what it's designed for. But I don't know many people with budgets that big.

The bottom line of course, is that it does what it promises. It's designed to help you win more small prizes, which is exactly what the systems created can do for you.