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Lottery Looper Review

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Sometimes you just need a tool that is good at analysing lottery results. Something without too many bells and whistles. And something that is well designed and easy to use.

Well, I think I've finally found that tool in Lottery Looper, published by Timersoft.

Now 'Looper', as I shall affectionately refer to it, didn't happen overnight. It's an evolution from a tool called 'Lotto Logic' available since at least May 2000 (possibly even earlier), which is still available incidentally. Looper is the new kid on the block though and the one under active development.

What Does It Do?

Lottery Looper is all about analysis. You load it up with past results, and it helps you to spot trends and patterns that help you pick your numbers.

The big difference for me though is that it is all very visual. Things update before your eyes as you move through results and histories. Everything is also nicely color coded making it easy to see what is happening.

The Range Locator

I should point out at this stage that this is Windows only software (pretty much any version is fine). Mac users are out of luck, and it's not an app so it won't run on a phone either.

I've used a lot of lottery analysis software over the years. Nearly all of it has been plain horrible to use, and super ugly. Developers always seem to insist on cramming in as many features as possible. Which doesn't make the software any better, it just makes it a lot harder to use! In fact, a lot of the stuff they put in isn't even useful.

So it's really nice to see someone who has thought about the design of the software. They've also put a lot of thought into making it easier for you to use too.

That said, if you're new to using this kind of tool, don't expect to just push a button and get numbers to play. I strongly recommend you work your way through the manual. I know, I know - who reads the manual! But in this case, the manual is really good, and it takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know. So do please use it to start off. Once you get up and running with this software you won't need it again.

What Analysis Tools Are Included?

The key to how this tool works is the Range Locator. I've seen lots of tools that just want to use ALL the results. What's the point of that? Things change over time, so who cares what the result was back 15 years ago. That's not going to be much help to you now!

This is what the Range Locator is for. It's a way of looking at more recent results to try and figure out what overall history you should be using for best results. Makes sense right?

Range Locator, Filters and Creating Tickets

There are of course a number of filters too. The idea is to filter out things you don't want, and make sure you include those numbers you have determined are somewhat more likely to appear. I've seen other software get this horribly wrong. Looper made this a lot easier than I'm used to.

So far there are filters for comparing frequency of numbers drawn (High Low as they term it), Pairs, Triples and Last Show. These can all cleverly be combined together at the same time too. You can also mark your preferred numbers as you go, and the filters will remember them and update accordingly as you change them around.

Does It Work?

It works pretty darn well in my opinion. A typical cycle of using the software involves:-

  1. check your tickets from last draw
  2. enter the new results
  3. run the Range Locator to verify the best range
  4. create new tickets
  5. go buy your tickets

I actually find I enjoy using this software. Maybe it's just me but whilst I enjoy analyzing lottery results, I don't want to spend hours doing it. With Lotto Looper I can do the whole process in 10 minutes -- or take a bit longer if I feel like it.

What Does It Cost?

Here's where things often fall apart. But you're going to be very pleasantly surprised here. This software is a really good price - just $29.97 - and that's also a one-time payment. Not only that, but you get free lifetime updates. This does NOT mean free minor updates but then you have to pay for major updates, no sirree, this is every update to the software forever. All for less than thirty bucks - unheard of!

And they mean it too - Lottery Looper has already been updated 3 times since I bought it! Don't forget, they have now been supporting buyers of their older software for 17 years. So they really do mean it :-)


This is a really nice piece of software. If you're fed up with over-complicated tools that baffle you with endless useless graphs and statistics - get this. It's a breath of fresh air. I like how visual it is which makes it so much easier to see what is going on. Just remember that this is analysis software, so it is a tool that you need to learn how to use - please read that manual! (If you want something more 'push-button easy' though then maybe consider Win Lotto Systems instead - review here).

Then there is the killer price and ongoing development. At just $29.97 including lifetime updates this really is a steal. It's not perfect yet, but it keeps getting better and better with each new update. Currently my favorite lottery analysis software.

RATING: 5 stars
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