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Formula 1 Lotto System (by Glen Hooke) Review

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OK, this better be good - with that claim of nearly 9 wins out of every 10 plays, I'm expecting great things from Glen's Formula 1 system.

Now Glen developed this system a few years back as a result of meeting an MIT Professor in a bar. The lottery results came up on the TV, and Glen noticed the Professor matched 5 numbers. Now that doesn't sound so crazy, except that the Professor didn't actually buy tickets - he was just matching 5 out of 6 numbers for the fun of it! (Not wanting to take advantage by using his professional skills..?)

So naturally, Glen wanted to get to know this guy pretty quick before he disappeared from the bar. You'd buy this guy a drink in a heartbeat, right?

It was actually after an hour of questions later that he discovered this guy was a Professor from the nearby University, and that over a period of 27 years he had come up with a way to get at least some kind of a win more than 80% of the time. That's crazy good if you weren't sure!

Much persuading over the next few weeks got Professor Robert to finally share the details of what he was doing. Which Glen then turned into some lotto winning system software (well, he paid 3 programmers to do it - and it took them over a year to achieve!).

So It's A Software Package?

There are actually multiple parts to it, but the 'Main Attraction' is the software of course.

The main software is web based, which is a good thing. It means you don't have to install anything, you don't have to run updates (it's always updated and ready for you to use) and you can also run it from pretty much any device - from smartphone to laptop.

It's also really easy to use (have you seen how complicated some lottery software gets?!).

But there's also a nice easy manual included anyway that walks you through step-by-step. This also includes some key advice on picking numbers too so it's worth a quick read, certainly for the first time you use it anyway.

The Formula 1 System In Action

Running the software and generating your picks is actually a simple 3 step process.

1. Choose Your Game

Most people will immediately know which game they are playing - but if you're not sure, don't immediately just pick the one with the biggest jackpot. The smaller jackpots are much easier to win, and you would still actually like to win the jackpot, not just the smaller prizes!

selecting your lottery game

The software is set up so it covers pretty much every lottery game on the planet. No exaggeration. Every game in the USA is covered, and every country from Afghanistan to Zambia! Just bear in mind that this is NOT for those Pick 3 or 4 games, this is designed for the proper bigger money 5 and 6 ball games.

So you simply pick your game, and then enter how many entries you are going to play.

TIP: Obviously more entries is better, but you need to be playing at least 10 to make it worthwhile. If that's too much for your budget however, then simply play less often to be able to afford more entries. Problem solved :-)

2. Selecting Numbers

You'll then be presented with up to 3 Matrixes. This is where the magic has already happened - because each box contains a carefully calculated set of possible numbers to choose from. Normally about 5 choices, but sometimes as many as 10, and sometimes as few as 2, i.e. the algorithms have narrowed down the possibilities dramatically.

So you simply pick one number from each dropdown, across each Matrix. You can use the number picking rules from the manual to help you here, or just go with your intuition.

the 3 matrixes

The software can't give you exact sets of numbers to play without a little help from you - that's asking a bit too much. But this cuts out a vast number of possible combinations.

3. Play Your Selections

After completing your numbers, you simply click the 'Generate' button. This delivers the final set of combinations to play, like this:-

your lottery numbers to play

(Sorry, I had to blur out the numbers - I'm not allowed to just give them away.)

You can then Print or Save your numbers, go play them and start banking your wins.

So How Does It Work?

That's the Secret Sauce of course, so Glen isn't going to give the whole secret away - not that we would understand it all anyway (unless you happen to be a math professor too).

It's also a very reasonable price anyway (LATEST: plus for a limited time Glen is also giving lifetime updates to the software at no extra charge! - see below).

What he does hint at though is that this is all about analyzing mathematical progressions, together with calculating the probabilities of reoccuring numbers. Basically eliminating all those combinations that the Professor has determined are less likely to be drawn together for the next draw. This is similar to the way the Silver Lotto System works too, but here the software does even more of the work for you.

And it does all of this without making you suffer the slightest bit of math. Which is a major bonus for most of us normal people :-).

What Else Do You Get?

Hopefully these will all still be available now - they were when I just bought the package, but some or all of these could be withdrawn at any time.

Bonus 1 - Lifetime Software Updates

This is an awesome bonus. A lot of software - particularly lottery analysis type software - requires yearly or even monthly subscription payments. But buy this today and you get lifetime access for just one small payment.

Bonus 2 - Win Predictor Software

Formula 1 Win Predictor

This is a very interesting extra piece of software. It works together with the main Formula 1 Lotto System Software, and tells you if this week is a good time to play your numbers or not.

It does this by giving you a 'confidence level' on your likely chances of winning. This ranges from a 'No' (your chances are poor this week), through various percentages up to a confident 'Yes' (your chances of high).

I can't stress enough how useful this is. It means you can play a lot more entries, but only play them when the Win Predictor says your chances are good or high. This should skyrocket your overall chances of winning.

Bonus 3 - Custom Powerball Profiles

If you like the US Powerball you'll love this bonus too. You'll get a whole set of personalized custom numbers to play for Powerball (these normally cost $87!).

According to Glen this ramps your chances of hitting the jackpot from around 1-in-175 Million to just 1-in-4,920. That's over 35,000 times better!

Just bear in mind you won't get these immediately though as they have to be custom created. So whilst you get everything else right away, these will take up to a week or so to be delivered to you.

Bonus 4 - 'What To Do When You Win' Book

Probably the least interesting bonus, but it's still useful. This book contains some sensible tips and advice on how to handle winning a big jackpot. The things you should do before even making a claim, and how to deal with the whole thing with friends and family etc.

How Much Is It?

After all those bonuses, this might shock you too - because when I bought the Formula 1 package it was also at a 60% discount - so it cost me just $39.98 total, for everything.

But even at full price it's still a bargain with lifetime updates included (who else gives you lifetime updates to software for free!). And the extra Win Predictor software, plus the Powerball profiles (worth $87).


This is a good package, and great value (even more so if you buy right now and get all the bonuses). It's also super simple to use - seriously, anybody can follow the manual, click the buttons and get their numbers to play.

RATING: 4 stars

LATEST: Sorry, we can't recommend this any more - there have been complaints of Glen taking money but not delivering on his promises. Try Win Lotto Systems instead.