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My Reviews Of Lottery Software

My Lottery Software Reviews

As a lottery fan you can get a ton of different lottery software online. Everything from spreadsheets to help you track and record things, right through to apps for checking your results on the go. Or even highly sophisticated tools to help you try and predict the next result, or determine the best numbers to play.

So here we are going to cover as many of these different tools and packages as we can.

What Is The Best Lottery Software?

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Win Lotto Systems ReviewThe software part of this package is an easy way to create some useful wheels targeted to win more small prizes to help keep you playing while you wait for the big win.
5 stars
Lottery Looper ReviewThis is a really nice analysis tool - if you're sick of over-complicated, get this instead. It's also a bargain at the price AND comes with lifetime updates included.
5 stars
Formula 1 Lottery System ReviewEasy to use online software system at a pretty decent price.
4 stars
WinSlips System ReviewVery popular web based software from Stefan Vandevelde - combines his two most popular systems into one.
4 stars
GAT Engine ReviewThis one is very complex, and also pretty tricky to use. It's a very interesting concept, but we're still struggling to work out if it is actually helping. So far the jury is still out.
3 stars

Which To Choose?

I get asked this one a lot. There isn't one simple answer. The best lotto software is the right program for what YOU want to do. That might be a simple spreadsheet if you just want to track results. If you want to do genuinely complex analysis and filtering however then you're going to be better off with something like GAT. The only problem is that the more powerful it is the more complicated it tends to be to use. Read our reviews above to try and narrow down which is the best software program for you.

Is There Any Free Lottery Software?

It exists. But more importantly - is it worth using? Creating lottery programs is difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort. It also takes a lot of skill, if it's being written by someone who not only knows how to code but also knows how to analyze lottery games. We could be talking hundreds or even thousands of hours of their personal time, so why would they give away all their hard work for free? So do you really want free, or do you actually want good..?

Also, don't forget that you could be spending many thousands on buying lottery tickets over the next year or two. Why would you shave a few dollars using a poor quality outdated free program when $50-$100 can get you something really good? Sometimes free is a huge waste of time and money in the long run! So expect to pay for a good program. If you can't afford it right now, then don't buy tickets for a while and save up for good software instead.

Where To Buy Lottery Software?

Lottery apps and programs are written by clever enthusiastic experts. They are not big businesses. So you're not going to find one published by Microsoft, Apple or Adobe! That also means you're not going to find this kind of stuff in your local store. You can buy pretty much all lottery software online these days, download it instantly and be using it right away for the next draw.

My lottery software reviews contain links wherever possible to the publishers website where you can buy the product. Unless I specifically recommend avoiding that product, in which case they don't even deserve the link and you won't need it anyway! There's a lot of rubbish out there.

How Does Lottery Software Work?

There isn't just one type. If you're just looking for 'how to win the lottery' software, then you're probably going to end up disappointed. You need to be a bit more specific about what you need. You can get lotto programs to do all sorts of things. Obviously how lottery software works varies according to what kind of tool it is.

What most people are looking for is either a 'push button' lottery number generator, that just quickly and easily generates picks to play. Or they are looking for something that provides all sorts of clever lottery analysis functions. The way the simpler 'push button' software tends to work is that it usually analyzes previous results, applies some built-in filtering and spits out as many combinations as you want to play. There may not be many options you can adjust. The more complex analysis applications tend to give you every possible tool you could ever want, and then leaves it up to you to work out how you want to use all those tools.

How To Use Lottery Software?

Firstly, don't expect overnight miracles. No lottery picker software is going to instantly predict the jackpot by picking the winning numbers each week. It's about trying to get an advantage to improve your chances of winning. Not crazy miracles. So be patient and learn how to use your the tools properly to generate your ticket combinations.

One thing you might like to try is 'playing on paper' first. This means simply that you use the software as you would to buy tickets, but you don't buy any tickets. Instead you just monitor your results and see how you would have done. This gives you time to learn how things work before you spend lots more money on tickets. The downside of course is that you could win big while you are testing but you won't have bought the ticket to claim the prize. That doesn't feel good if it happens :-).

Does Lottery Software Really Work?

If you have realistic expectations, then yes, of course it 'really works'. If you think it's going to give you 100% accurate predictions and make you a jackpot winner every week, then no, it's definitely not going to do that. That would be silly. Lottery winning software is about trying to give yourself an advantage over other players. Most lottery players just use quick picks, or play bad number combinations made up of birthdays and anniversaries. Don't be like them!

What About Lottery Prediction Software?

A lot of these programs are about trying to predict the numbers in some way or other. Some lottery analysis software works in different ways, e.g. by trying to reduce the pool of combinations that you choose from. Lottery number prediction software is however the holy grail for most players. Some would argue that you cannot predict a random event. I would agree - but how random is a lottery machine? After all, it is just a machine, built by humans, who are not perfect. Have you ever tested dice or tossing a coin? It's really difficult to make those things properly random. Which means predicting lottery games is certainly not an impossibility, it's just something that is very difficult to do with any reliability.

Does Lottery Wheeling Software Help?

Wheeling Software At Work

Wheeling (or combination plays) is often built into analysis programs. Sometimes you can buy stand alone wheel generators too.

In short, wheeling is definitely useful. The problem is that it's mathematically very complicated to do properly. You can find a ton free wheeling systems all over the internet. Most of them are endlessly copied by people who don't really understand them, and are often worse than useless. Things like coverage, the wheel guarantee and using the right wheeling formula and strategy are key to maximising your winnings.

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